1. Ok, this is two scoops of ice cream. with Haileigh, Taylor, and Kim at Superior Dairy – View on Path.

  2. with Kim at City of Morro Bay – View on Path.


  3. At Top O’ The Morn Farms

    Taking the day off. First in months. Starting off with a good Cup-O-Joe. – at Top O’ The Morn Farms – See on Path.

  4. Drake’s Denogginizer at The Planing Mill Artisan Pizzeria. http://elxr.co/p/gei


  5. Words to live by

    Jared Sinclair: “Focus on a difficult problem that matters to a significant number of normal people. Don’t worry about being… http://dlvr.it/6WxJsb

  6. Legend Lager. Way better that I expected. http://elxr.co/p/gbk


  7. Work Note: When to share?

    I do freelance work. As a freelance developer I’ve had times where I need to write code I know others… http://dlvr.it/6VWPgf


  8. At Healthy Japan

    The Texas Roll is calling my name. – at Healthy Japan – See on Path.


  9. California, times six?

    89.3 KPCC: “The latest initiative to split up California is not the first. Or the 10th. Or even the 100th…. http://dlvr.it/6QjKr7


  10. App Store Economics

    TechCrunch: “Meanwhile, 22% are “poverty stricken” developers whose apps make $100 to $1,000 per app per month.” I don’t know… http://dlvr.it/6PFwRj