1. Double Dry Hopped General Sherman IPA. Yum. http://elxr.co/p/e98

  2. Tapit S.N.A.F.U. Double IPA at The Planing Mill Artisan Pizzeria. Nice. http://elxr.co/p/e90


  3. Old Code Never Dies

    I happened across some old C++ code I wrote back in 2001. I decided to put it up on GitHub… http://dlvr.it/5RQ12n


  4. Scum bag move, Instagram

    Brian Hoff [Medium]: “But here’s the kicker: the new owner of the @kathleen username on Instagram is a current Facebook… http://dlvr.it/5QCVVY


  5. The Loop: The future of WordPress

    The Loop: “Do something like Medium or Svbtle that doesn’t have the complicated backend and code. That’s what I want.”… http://dlvr.it/5Q9JX6

  6. The end of another perfect California day.

  8. Ms. Maggie Mae is hanging out with friends. with Kim at Seven Oaks Park – View on Path.

  9. parislemon:

    Keep it simple. Keep it retro.

    This is all fine and good if you never actually use the computer. Sitting at that space would destroy my back, most likely, but it looks nice and minimal, I’ll give it that.

    (Source: linxspiration)

  10. Tapit Double IPA at The Planing Mill Artisan Pizzeria. http://elxr.co/p/e43